Education & Outreach

                         Orthopaedic Resources


The  landscape  of  orthopaedic  manufactures  was  at  one  time  very  vast.   While there still remain a significant number of companies operating  in the orthopaedic space (Orthopaedic Design and Technology OEM Company Listing),  the last several decades have resulted in significant consolidation.  This includes major mergers between several high revenue generating orthopaedic manufacturers including the  acquisition  of Synthes by DePuy in 2012 ($21.3B purchase price),  Zimmer purchasing Biomet to form Zimmer Biomet in 2015 ($14B purchase price),  and  the  most  recent merger this year (2019,  not shown below) when Stryker agreed to purchase Wright Medical ($4B purchase price).  Despite the consolidation of power in our industry, our job detecting failure mechanisms, assessing biomechanics, and developing the most innovative orthopaedic solutions remains.


                                                     Source: Orthopaedic Design and Technology Top 10 Orthopaedic Companies

Professional Societies and Research Organizations

There  are a  number  of  professional  societies and research organizations that DBEC actively participates in including clinically oriented groups  (American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons),  materials focused entities (Society for Biomaterials),  and biomechanics targeted organizations (American Society of Biomechanics). See below for a complete list of the organizations in which we participate.

       American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons          American Orthopaedic Association              Orthopaedic Research Society
                       International Society for Technology in Arthroplasty                   American Academy of Hip and Knee Surgeons


     American Society of Biomechanics                         International Shoulder Group                           International Society of Biomechanics  


     American Society for Testing and Materials                  American Society of Mechanical Engineers                Society for Biomaterials
    Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers       Joint Implant Surgery & Research Foundation                 UHMWPE Lexicon


Dartmouth Resources

We  are  fortunate  to  be situated in Hanover,  NH on the picturesque Ivy League campus of Dartmouth College.  Although we are rural, being located here affords us many resources, without which our work would be impossible. See below for all of the local resources we draw from for success in orthopaedics.

                                         Dartmouth College                        Thayer School of Engineering


       Geisel School of Medicine          Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center       Tuck School of Business


    Laboratory Outreach

    After School Science

    Graduate students in the DBEC laboratory are encouraged to participate in After School Science and Engineering.  This program is an inventive STEM enrichment program run by Dartmouth students (undergraduate and graduate) who enjoy sharing their passion for science and engineering with children in elementary school and junior high. Weekly during each academic term, Dartmouth students lead hand-on activities that exemplify fundamental concepts in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. In the past, students have built everything from boats and rockets to mouse trap dragsters and gumdrop towers under the guidance of experienced student mentors. Projects and lessons are tailored to the ages of the students. 

    Junior Solar Sprint

    Each year our lab works with Tau Beta Pi honor society to host the Upper Valley’s Junior Solar Sprint competition.  Our competition is the longest-running Solar Sprint competition in the nation, having reached thousands of local middle-school students over the last several decades.

    The Junior Solar Sprint aims to teach middle school students the importance of recycling, sustainable energy, and mechanical engineering fundamentals. Each year, we anticipate that over 100 students will have the opportunity to team up and build their own solar powered car. Each team is allowed a common motor and solar cell; the remainder of the car, however, will be uniquely designed. By allowing the students to experiment with their design, each team can create a car that they are proud of.  The event allows true project-based learning in the STEM disciplines.

    Engineering Open House

    Each Spring, Thayer School welcomes the public into its laboratories and work areas to see how engineering prepares students to innovate in medicine, public policy, law, architecture, design, technology, entrepreneurship, and more. Visitors enjoy tours, exhibits, and demonstrations by engineering faculty, staff and students as well as engineers from local industry.  Our laboratory is a popular stop, with demonstrations ranging from device analysis, to biomechanics, to high speed video analysis.