Retrieval Program


Over the last 30 years DBEC has examined retrievals sent to us by more than 900 surgeons. We operate under the supervision of Dartmouth's IRB (Dartmouth Committee for the Protection of Human Subjects), and are reviewed for renewal annually.  You are invited to send your retrieved orthopaedic implants to our laboratory for an analysis and report, complete with digital photographs, provided at no cost to you.  Please download the forms below.  Instructions for submission are on the forms.  Surgeon reports are mailed quarterly, but if you need a faster turnaround time, please feel free to contact us.

  1. The Surgeon/PA/ Resident/ Assistant downloads and fills out a one page retrieval form.
  2. We ask that the retrieval be disinfected in ethanol or formalin (not autoclaved).
  3. The retrieval and form are mailed to Dartmouth (address is on the form): Any method with tracking (e.g. USPS small flat rate box) works well
  4. Our analytical report and archive photographs will be mailed to you quarterly (sooner if needed)
  5. Devices are stored indefinitely in a climate-controlled facility
    • Many polymeric components are stored in a freezer at -70 C
    • You may always ask for the device back
    • You may request additional information
Retrieval flow cart